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Learn 2 Mix is an educational project designed to help you get started in the world of DJing. It consists of several steps using various free software tools. The first part of the project focuses on theory and includes a book that allows you to begin without any prior knowledge. In this section, you will learn the fundamental concepts of mixing.


All our software (Learn 2 Mix, DJ ProMixer and Save Video) offers two modes: LITE and PREMIUM, both of which are entirely FREE.


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*Download available for Windows (all versions) only.

PHASE 1 (Theoretical)   We should learn the basics of mixing and have some initial knowledge before starting to mix with DJ software. DJ Sutra is based on one of the most popular DJ software on the Internet (DJ ProMixer) and provides us with fundamental usage knowledge.

DJ SUTRA is an e-book designed for individuals interested in the world of mixing but lacking experience. Upon installation, when you launch the application, the home screen will appear. From there, you can access the e-book. The home screen will also provide a download link for DJ ProMixer (DJ software) and SaveVideo (Music and Video Downloader). Additionally, it offers access to other available languages for the e-book (Spanish / English).   DJ SUTRA (Technical specifications)



Ver. 1.001 (English / Spanish) 242 pages

Free e-book Written, produced and translated by Ralf M with the collaboration of José María Ramos. (Ralf M and his logo is a registered trademark owned by Rafael Mendoza) Programming: José María Ramos. Photography: Anabel Morell. Design and English translation: Ralf M. Layout: Digital Multi Soft, Corp. Team Copyediting: Mike Platinas   PHASE 2 (Practice)  

DJ ProMixer is the first high-quality professional DJ software, and it now introduces version 3.0, which is free and complementary to DJ Sutra. It is easy to use, intuitive, and designed with ergonomics in mind for DJs. DJ ProMixer offers this new version completely free, with the option to upgrade to the Premium Edition for free as well.

DJ ProMixer offers three different system performance modes to ensure optimal efficiency on your computer, catering to fast, medium, and slow computers. It also includes a configuration for Netbooks. The jog wheel in DJ ProMixer is the most advanced on the market. It has an attractive design with VUs featuring ballistic values and a vintage look. This multifunction wheel can control bending, scratching, quick searching, and applying effects. There are six memory banks available in CUE/Loop mode, which you can select as Hot/Normal. The ergonomics of DJ ProMixer provide direct and easy access to track functions. Features like automatic and manual loops, adjustable brake (which stops like a turntable), loading, and timing are prominently displayed in one function block per deck. There’s also a multifunction center panel that includes mixer controls, effects, sampler, and automix. The advanced list supports up to three levels, enhancing your DJ experience.


  • New design
  • Three user interfaces (extended, essential and minimal)
  • Open functions
  • Record your sessions
  • More than 90 controllers and HID/MIDI supported
  • Pioneer CDJ and XDJ/HID fully compatible (single or dual mode, check list)

  More Features:

  • Complete mixer with crossfader.
  • Automatic detection of BPMs.
  • Up to three simultaneous effects (Echo, Flanger, Wah).
  • Supports a large number of audio formats: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF, WMA, FLA, AAC.
  • Six samples for each deck
  • Full audio setup with ASIO and WASAPI support




This is a free feature of DJ ProMixer that enables you to make your MIDI controller compatible with DJ ProMixer, even if it’s not already on the list of supported products. It’s intuitive and straightforward to use, allowing for MIDI mapping of faders, knobs, buttons, jog wheels, lights, and more. Additionally, it’s compatible with TSI files!

*Download available for Windows (all versions) only.



NEW SAVEVIDEO It is a free program that allows you to download and convert YouTube videos into audio files (WAV, MP3). With just two clicks, you can download and convert your favorite music for practicing your mixes.

IMPORTANT: Save Video is designed for practice. We always recommend buy the music. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SaveVideo also offers two additional features: automatic normalization of the converted songs and the option to download an entire playlist or a single file. What is Normalize? It’s a process that uniformly adjusts the wave amplitude in an audio file, either by increasing or decreasing it. Typically, it boosts the audio level in files with low amplitude, a common occurrence in YouTube videos. This process enhances sound quality with the help of a professional audio editor plug-in.  

*Download available for Windows (all versions) only.

  How do these software interact? All the software are independent and free, and they interact with each other with the intention of teaching the user an easy and fast way to learn DJ techniques.

*Download available for Windows (all versions) only.

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