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*Download available only for Windows


Save Video is an easy  downloader that offers multiple options for download and convert your favorite video from Youtube to an audio file.


Copy and paste the selected YouTube link, check the URL, and just download and convert to WAV or MP3.


Convert to WAV or MP3 files:

  • WAV FILE: PCM file without compression (44.100 Hz 16 Bits).
  • MP3 FILE with different bitrates: 320 Kbps (best quality) 192 Kbps (high quality) 128 Kbps (mid quality) 96 Kbps (low quality).



Save Video has two possibilities to update the application. Normally the application must be updated periodically and constantly, because YouTube changes periodically their links.

Save Video has two ways to update:

  • Auto Update: Save Video will search and update automatically to the latest version. This is the recommended option and it is selected by default. This option disable Manual Update.
  • Manual Update: Search and update manually the application. If Save Video does not work, or when you check “Video URL” appears “VIDEO NOT FOUND”, please check for updates by clicking “Update” button.



You can make a simple download, besides that Save Video gives you the possibility to enable “Audio Editor” features: Cutting, normalizing and editing the ID3 Tag of the file.

Once enable you can use all the complementary audio features:

  • Cut off the blank space at the beginning or end of the track.
  • Add an Artwork
  • Edit ID3 Tag
  • Normalize to 0 dB the converted audio file.

What is Normalize? It is a process of uniformly increasing or decreasing the amplitude of an audio file. Normally it increases an audio file with low amplitude level (very usual on Youtube), improving the sound quality with a professional pluging of an Audio Editor.

File whitout Normalizing

Normalized file




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